Growing facial hair?

Since I started growing facial hair I've pretty much shaved every day of my life. I just recently decided I want to grow some facial hair to see how it looks. I know I can grow facial hair because I have to shave every day, but I'm trying to decide how to groom it. Should I shave my neck and sort of have the "chinstrap" or let the beard grow further down my neck? Any other thoughts would be welcomed too.


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  • facial hair can be really sexy, but it varies a lot from person to person as far as what looks good.

    • just creeped on your pictures. I think you could do the under-the-chin scruff thing.

    • That's definitely the easier option, as it involves very little shaving. Thanks for your answer.

    • Wait by under the chin you mean the jawline? Like the "chinstrap"?

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  • i agree with beerY33's comment.

    you should make a facial hair flipbook :p


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