I Miss Being "Fake."?

I miss being all about makeup and my hair. I miss being a cakeface. Cakeface, meaning wearing heavy makeup although not to the extent of looking like a clown because my makeup skills were quite good at that point in my life.

I've recently become closer to someone who I've always been close to but we're much closer now.

Anyways, she and her friend are MAJOR cakefaces and I don't judge them for it. But when we meet up at one of their houses, they spend quite a bit of time reapplying and perfecting their makeup as well as their hair.

I just sit there and it makes me think "I must NOT care about my appearance at all." I actually feel pretty sh*tty when I'm sitting there and they are straightening their hair and reapplying makeup.

I was only a cakeface because I had bad skin but now my skin is near perfect thanks to Accutane and I don't straighten my hair to avoid damage. I just wear it down curly.

What solution(s) do y'all have?


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  • Then wear makeup and do your hair. You don't have do to complete 'cake-face' all the time, and don't straighten your hair all the time. There are other ways to fix your hair besides straightening it. And if you want to straighten it, don't do it every day. Just to avoid damage.

    Also, foundation wouldn't necessarily break out your skin if you want to wear it. There are things (which I'm sure you know) that prevent that. 1)Wash your face, 2)Wear primer, 3) Buy oil free foundations. That's a huge pore blocker. I have a friend that just finished her accutane course, and she is wearing makeup (tinted moisturizer). She actually did all 6 months because she thought her acne scars were horrible. She tries to avoid heavy products now, and looks for oil free things. Mostly she has stuck with a tinted moisturizer to even out her skin tone, and uses concealer on her scars.

    There is nothing wrong with wanting to make yourself look better. I say go for it if you miss doing it.

    • wth. why are you posting that on my answer? what's the point?

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    • Accutane isn't that bad when there is open communication with your doctor and dermatologist. People over exaggerate

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  • Caring for your appearance doesn't just manifest in makeup and hair products, you know. I think you do care about it, 'cos you seem to know a lot about that kind of thing, you know? But it wouldn't even matter if you didn't, really. And what's probably happening is while you're thinking 'UGH, I SUCK' when they do all this applying stuff, they're probably thinking 'Ugh! I wish I was as pretty as HER!', 'cos you don't NEED to, right?

    You should ask them about it, though. See what they think, I mean, they're your friends.

    • I try not to compare but my friend is definitely GORGEOUS imo. She's super gorgeous with or without makeup, even if she doesn't think so. I don't think she's comparing herself to me at all, cause it's a losing situation for me

      I do pretty much need makeup cause I'm very plain and blah without it.

    • Yeah, but you WOULD think that. I dunno, if its gonna have a detrimental effect on you, maybe you ought to go for it. But I'd feel like you were doing it for the wrong reasons, this way. And I know you don't want to, anyway, you wanna ease this feeling. But... I don't think there is a way to =/ Like I said, talk to your friends about it. They might totally change your mind.

  • i don't see the problem...you want to have something to do when they are busy overapplying make-up?

    • No, I just want advice or opinions.

      You all seem to have opinions on EVERYTHING

      What should I do to ease this feeling

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    • k sorry I couldn't help. I just don't get it I guess. You miss feeling fake but don't want to be fake

    • No jimmy, you don't get it. But at least you tried.

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  • Sounds like your bored with your current look. Maybe try new make up and buy yourself a new outfit try on colors and styles you never would usually wear. Maybe also get a new hair cut or color.

    • This is extremely true my darlin'

      I am very bored with my current look. I've considered dying my hair but keeping up with roots and maintaining it is what gets me.

    • Ya I hear you with the hair maintenance,the new thing around here is something called fathering. How curly is your hair? You might just need to get some long layers to take some of the bulk out of your hair. Do you have bangs? If not maybe get a half bang one that fails to one side, I just did that with my hair and it made a huge difference in my look. Maybe get low lights if you have dark hair just something more natural so that when it does start to grow out it won't be so noticeable.

  • Yeah I use to wear make up and do my hair a lot, but now I think it's a waste of time. Maybe while they are doing that you can strike up a very interesting topic that they also might be interested in. Like for example, Japan making robots or or Google is making the driverless car.

  • do what you feel like is right for making you look the best you possibly can. some people need makeup, others don't. some people wear it because it's fun. there's no reason why you should feel like that when your friends are doing their makeup. you're doing what's good for you.

  • I don't know what you are trying to imply...

    Are you saying you feel bland because you don't put to much effort into your looks?

    • Nooo. I just miss that feeling of being put together. I know for a fact I'm bland without makeup.

      When I wore makeup it was for a reason. I had horrible skin and was finding myself.

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    • Yeah, I do enjoy eye makeup! There's more variety to it.

      I guess I also feel more attractive with makeup on, in a sense.

    • lol I feel that way to. I get the feeling of conquering the world.XD only when I put my face on.

      jp... :p

  • If you want you can do things aswell. Natural, light make up. Beauty products. Nail polish. Fashion. If you're fine with the way you are, then there's really nothing wrong. In fact, maybe it says something better about you. You're comfertable with who you are, and you don't need to be fake.

  • If you miss it, what are your reasons for not returning to being like that?

    • The biggest thing that keeps me from applying makeup is my absolute fear of breaking out. I've come SO far with getting clear skin and Accutane has COMPLETELY changed my skin.

      I fear I'll break out and it will all begin again

      I'm also pretty average and I don't wanna come across as "trying too hard." I"m sure we've all seen that one girl who is obviously unattractive or average, but her makeup just screams she's trying too hard. I don't wanna be that girl

    • Yeah, I get ya. About your skin - just avoid using foundation/powder. You can still play up your eyes and whatnot.

      I know what you mean. I guess the solution is just to be context appropriate. Be "fake" when you go out at night and stuff. I'm the same - I absolutely lovee wearing make up but I never wear it day to day. But then when I go partying or whatever I go all out. That way it just feels all that much better, because I'm used to being natural throughout the week, you know?

  • So fake being fake


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