Why does he keep asking if other guys look at my chest?

There is this guy that is interested in me and I'm interested in him so when we hang out I always look nice. I have a large chest not huge but I'm not small. I always dress appropriately never trashy but you can't help but notice even a little cleavage. I also have a Jlo butt, I like it and again jeans only make it more noticeable. He always comments on my chest and butt and tells me how much he likes them, loves it. It just kind of bothers me why he keeps asking me if other guys look too and if I catch them looking. Why does he want to know this if he likes me why is it important to him?


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  • because he's insecure and doesn't know to deal with a woman that has such distinctive sexual features... and what all typically insecure men do...he starts worrying about every other guy except of the female at hand.

  • because he wants to know how many fights he's going to get into


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