Make up for my one shouldered electric blue dress?

So I have orange/red hair and I just bought an electric blue dress..

I'm unsure how I'm going to wear my make up (its to a party). I have a cool undertone in my skin. I recently bought L'Oreal link with matching eyeliner (both for blue eyes) . I was thinking of wearing a light line of the eye liner with a small flick and the mascara? but I'm not sure. Do you think since it has a blue tint then it would be too much with the dress? my eyes are blue too..

and what color lipstick do you suggest? :)


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  • Ok so since you have to bold assets (dressandhair) don't have any more bold colors do shoes I suggest nude pumps do let the dress do the tlking. With the makeup wear a natural color w gloss foundation and maybe thin liquid eyeliner w BLACK mascara :)


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  • I wouldn't wear the blue eyeliner on blue mascara- choose one black/brown and another one blue.

    Also, for the lipstick, definitely go for light colors that are close to your skin tone- if you go for a lot on the eyes then minimize the lips and vice versa.

    • But its not really very blue at all.. its quite dark? You'd barely know it was blue when on.

      I was thinking that witht he lipstick too. I don't want to look like a clown! :L lol thaaanks :)

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    • I could. haven't got my dress yet tho. the one in the shop had a tear so I'll have to order it online :) thanks a mill :)

    • No worries, doll.

  • I say strong cat eye and some falsies.

    Since you already have your hair and dress tht'll stand out enough :)

  • Blue eyeliner AND mascara? Yea that's too much. I suggest you tone it down a lot. I'm going to guess that you have pale skin so that plus your red hair usually clashes the wrong way if you use too much of a bright color (I'm a redhead too). What I would do is wear either gold or brown eyeshadow (not too dark and I'd wear different tones of it then blend it in). I think you can never do right with a colored eyeliner other than black or brown, it always comes out tacky unless you're a professional makeup artist. I'd wear black eyeliner very light then I'd use the blue mascara in the corner of my eyes (not the corner closest to your nose). Then I would use black mascara on the other parts.


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