Best foundation? (make up)

Time for new foundation :) what's the best kind that's not really expensive and will be found easily? Preferably powder. Also I was thinking of trying the kind that has the different shades then has some green in it which I assume is to act like concealer. What do you think?


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  • I'm not really sure what you'd consider expensive, but these are easy to find lol. And um...idk what you meant by having some green in it so ya I'm just gonna give you a list :O

    bareMinerals foundation link

    Nars link

    Shiseido link

    MAC link


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  • i just bought some which I absolutely love! its a mineral powder foundation, it have amazing coverage while looking so natural. I am wearing the medium 03, in my profile pic. I can't tell you how great this makeup is, I paid $14 for it but on the website it is on sale for 5 bucks!


  • For me, something cheap and easy to find would be Revlon Colorstay. I don't think powder foundation wouldn't perform as good as liquid or cream foundation. It might look cakey.

    About the green tint, I think it would be better to have a separate concealer. A good foundation can cover most redness.

  • Ahhhh. Myself, I like liquid. My own personal favorite is link

    I'd muuuuch rather have linen versus ivory beige, as it looks to be a peachier color, but they didn't have it in store when I bought mine.

    It is water based, which is awesome. And it gives a decent coverage and looks like skin. The downside is that you can't wear powder over it without it looking cakey, at least I can't.

    Powder though? Palladio makes really nice rice powders, that with a little bit of concealer, replace a foundation pretty well. They sell it at Sally Beauty :)


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