Do girls not like me because I prefer jean jackets over leather?

90's kid all the way. I love jean and anything made of it...however, I notice many girls not only in the world but on here as well. prefer leather jackets on guys. should I just switch to leather because its the "cool thing to do" or should I be myself?


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  • No! Be yourself. I think both jean and leather jackets look amazing on guys.


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  • Either is good :)

    Myself, I like leather, but that's mostly just on myself. Humm.

    Also, I find it mildly ironic that you're an anon and yet have requested no anon answers, haha. :)

    • is that such a hard thing to understand...that id rather not have people trolling?

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    • mhm

    • Uh- after reading this, yeah, pal. ITS NOT THE JACKET THATS LETTIN' YA DOWN

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  • Wear what you wanna wear. Anyway, me and my old pal Neil used to go out on the town a lot, he always wore denim jackets and I always wore leather. We both got about the same attention, really; its not about the jacket you're wearing.

    He wears leather jackets now, though. And he's been going steady for a long, long time now. Heheheh.


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