Girls what do you keep in your purse?

and do you have different purses for different purposes?


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  • I have my crossbody bag right here and I'm going to pull everything out of it & list it:

    -Ticket from Fridays football game

    -Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara

    -Covergirl LastBlastVolume Mascara

    -Styli-Style Eyeliner

    -No Texting while Driving awareness ring my friend gave me


    -New pack of Stride gum(with Shaun White, who's HOT btw)

    -Card/money holder


    -Bic pen & mechanical pencil

    -School schedule

    -Paper with a list of places I plan on applying to for a job :P

    -2 USB drives(I like to have backups haha)

    -Key to lock my room

    -Smiths Rosebud Salve

    -I ALWAYS keep my cellphone and iPod Touch there

    All in my coach crossbody bag :P


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  • k I have wallet, pens, napkins, a water bottle, purfume, deoderant, a comb, bobby pins elastics, my school id gum tic tacs hand sanitizer, phone charger, ipod,

    nail polish LOL and a calculator, my phone usually is in there too and my key is attatched to my phonee

  • I have one purse. It's slouchy, and casual, and I love it. It's the kind that I can sling across my shoulders. In it I have the following:

    My wallet

    I ALWAYS put a book in there, no matter where I'm going.

    Ditto for my MP3 player

    My phone


    Lip Gloss

    A pen and little notebook

    Extra hair elastics and bobby pins

    My sunglasses

    Spare house key

    A little packet of kleenex


    As you can tell, I'm a very practical person, ha ha :-)

  • Pretty much anything I might possibly need lol: phone, ipod, wallet, pen, multiple chapsticks (because I tend to lose them), gum, work schedule, spare change, floss, eyeglass cleaner, hand sanitizer.. I have a huge purse. But I also keep a smaller purse inside it with just my wallet, in case I don't need/want to carry the whole thing.

  • Well not much really. Bank cards, licenses, bus tickets, notes, shrapnel, strawberry bubble gum and some Asian photo booth photos :/ tbh I'd rather just use my pockets,

  • I have a lot of purse's but I usually use one at a time because it's a hassle to move everything to another one. In my purse, I keep a wallet, check book, keys, sunglasses, gum, mints, advil, chapstick, mirror, kleenex, pen, pencil, calculator, and notepad. If I am going to be out for a long time then I will also take makeup as well but usually I only need to do it once a day.

  • I only buy one purse and it should last me for an entire year. Then, I buy another one for the next year. :)

    My purse is divided into two. I put books and papers on one side and on the other side of the purse I put lotion, wallet, phone, food?, just about anything that isn't school stuff.

  • Well right now I have

    keys, phone charger, pens, hair ties, bobby pins, Advil, band aids, mouthwash, mini flashlight, iPod, wallet, money, license, epi pen, debit card, lighter, tampons, nail clippers, compact mirror, safety pins, crackers... Wow that's a lot of stuff lol. I have a bug purse if you couldn't guess xD.

    • oh and body spray, deoderant, chapstick, and a small brush...

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    • That's Phoenix? In your Profile pic?

    • no it's not him in my pic

  • -Lip balm

    - lipstick



    -bag for keeping my girlie things just incase haha


    -a book


    -headphones that fit my phone



    -makeup wipes

    -bobby pins



  • Wallet, headsets, phone, gum and chapstick. Usually fit these in pockets and save having to take a purse to school, but I do have purses for work (the big laptop kind) and some for going out.

  • I have a couple different bags, but I only carry one at a time. I just switched from my cross body bag to a regular hand bag. I carry a little bit less in my cross body bag just because it's smaller.

    I carry my wallet, keys, sunglasses, coin purse, tooth brush and tooth paste, chapsticks, lipgloss, mini calendar, pen and pencil, pepper spray, extra tampons, hand sanitizer, pocket knife, mints, small comb, USB drive, lotion, mirror, tweezers, lighter, and sometimes old receipts get tossed in there.

    Sounds like a lot, but it's a bunch of small stuff.

    • lol yea it does. Does it get heavy?

    • It's not too heavy. The heaviest thing is probably the coin bag. It gets pretty stocked up with change in there sometimes.

  • I use two interchangeably. One is bigger, and I use it for university. The other is smaller, and I use it for just going to the shops, etc.

    Purse. Phone. Keys. Sticky notes. Pen. Hair clip. Lip balm. Gum. Sunglasses.

  • chapstick, body spray, comb, brush, floss, pen, paper, pencil, keys, ID, debit card, iPod, phone

  • I don't even have a purse lol, I put my money and keys in my pocket and the rest in my backpack for school :) purses don't suit me.

  • I only have two purses that I ever really use. One is more of a side bag that is great to travel with, and another is a cute little brown purse that I use when I want something more feminine. To be honest, I normally don't use either of them, as I use a wallet (one pocket, doesn't fold out) and can carry my phone and keys in my other pockets. It's really great in the winter because my jacket holds all my stuff in it.

    When I have my bag it tends to hold my radio cover, umbrella, tissues, change, camera, pencils/pens, book, a "reusable bag" and lip balm.


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