What metal works for you when you get a piercing?

I want second lobe piercings but I don't know which metal I should be getting...I am googling this, and I'm seeing mixed opinions about metals. (btw I don't remember what was used to pierce my ears the first time nor do I remember how the healing process went so I can't rely on past experience).

Is there anyone here that pierces ears and knows more about which metals are best? Or anyone that had good/bad experiences with specific metals?


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  • I didn't make a choice. "They" did. It worked though.

    • do you know what it was?

    • Probably steel just like what someone else stated. That was before I met my wife.

      She said she preferred me without an earring so I let it heal over. It's gone now.

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  • They usually don't give you a choice. You choose yourself AFTER the piercing is healed. Its typically surgical steel, I've never heard of them using anything else. The healing process depends on the type of piercing and how you take care of it.

  • Surgical steel or titanium

    Make sure you get nickel free, cos it tends to cause allergic reactions in some people.


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