What should I do now? Ladies: what would you suggest?

I'd appreciate if it'd be girls/guys in their high school to their late twenties answer this for the sake of relevancy

So I think this girl was into me. She did suggest I should visit her sometime. I think I came off a bit strong or somewhat desperate kinda. The reason was because I only had one week before I went off to college, and I wanted to spend at least a day with her. Turns out she was busy, and I seem to come off a bit annoying? and now she obviously knows that I like her.

It wasn't an obnoxious type of annoying, it was just like I'd send her a text or call her once every day to see if she was free. I thought she was playing games with me.

so now what?

I feel our conversations on fb chat seem to get boring, Then again she usually replied back with one sentence answers.

should I call her? she says that she's outgoing, but she types so little on chat.

I goofed up a bit, and I waited around a full 2 weeks before hitting her up again. She's obviously only attached to big/swollen/muscular guys. I get the feeling/impression that she doesn't want to talk to me as much unless I get swollen/big?


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  • My fiance had someone like that- and she blocked his number because he did not get the message. You gave off the air of being desperate and clingy, and some girls just want their space.

    I'd leave her alone, she's not interested.

    • she showed some interest imo I thinkg, not every girl out of the blue will ask /suggest that I come visit her. I did give off that air but I explained it was because of that one week deadline before college started. I don't know probaly just take a few steps back

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  • just forget about her, go to college and meet someone better. a girl who WONT play games and who would love to see you any day, a girl who would MAKE time for you <3

  • If you want to call or text her just to chat, go for it. But don't "beg" her to see you. Let that happen on it's own.


What Guys Said 1

  • well ask her to get coffee or if you can't call her and ask her some interesting questions


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