Attack of the Frizz.

I have very fine, wavy hair, that gets damaged really easily. Right now, it's at it's frizziest for some reason, and it's getting super hard to control! I've tried tons of different products and even some home remedies to calm my frizz. But they all have something in common, they make my hair too dang greasy! I don't want to cut my hair either, because I've just started growing it. Any tips on how to calm the frizz?


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  • I would not use hairspray if you have hair that gets damaged easily, because most hairsprays have alcohol that just ruins your hair !

    I would suggest thoseLIGHTWEIGHT creams that you can put in your hair, because since they are lightweight, they usually don't make it look greasy. Something like the Brilliant brunette shine works very well.

    Also, frizz is created from heat, so I don't know if you straighten/curl your hair, but stop, or use a ceramic hair straightener and heat protective gel.

    Trim your hair, you don't have to cut it, just the veryy ends, because if you leave it frizzy, the more it grows longer, the more sickly, damaged, and frizzy it'll look !

    Go to a local salon, and usually they will give you tips for free, and recommend gells to use, but be careful.

    They also have these products in stores called "hair lotion" and if you take a shower, get out and smooth it through your hair (avoiding the roots) and wrapp it up in a towel, the moisture and lotion will soak into your hair and become healthier.

    Also, if you really, really want no frizz, take a shower like this: when you use shampoo, use warm water, rub in the shampoo carefully, and then rinse, then use conditioner, and when you rinse the conditioner, turn your water to cold, because the hair folacules will be open from the warm water, and close with the cold water. So the conditioner will be trapped inside and your hair will be healthier !

    oh, and drink milk/water and eat vitamins ! Diet affects your hair, and can make it less frizzy because it;ll be stronger and less prone to ripping.

    Hope this somewhat helped, good luck ! [:


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  • It may be the detergent in the shampoo causing your hair to dry out and get frizzy. A lot of shampoos contain SLS which can be a strong detergent and strip the hair of natural oils. Try getting shampoos with out SLS. I like the products from Sensible Addictions they have great fragrances (for women and men). In your case they have a Hemp Shampoo that may be right. They have salon quality products which have worked for other women I know. Also I would consider using a conditioner at least to start. Try their stuff I think you will like them they are on the Web sensibleaddictions….


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  • My hair is naturally wavy, and it can be frizzy if I don’t do anything to it. What I’ve done (and it works for my fine, thick hair type) is spritz it with water, smooth down flyaways, and then go over it with a light mist of hair spray (I use Aussie Sprunch). That usually holds all day, even if I comb it or sweat. It also prevents my bangs from getting greasy, so I think it would work for hair that tends to be oily. Hope this was helpful!

    • Thank You, I've tried the whole hairspray thing. but, I haven't tried wetting it down first, and the lighter hairspray would probably make it less crunchy.