How come he didn't stop to talk like last time?

I am so very sorry if its too long but PLEASE read! I don't know if all this is connected but here I go: its been almost a year, we like each other, we flirt, text every once a while, he used to touch whenever he had the chance, has call me cute/pretty, asks personal questions and that I'm too pretty to be single, he has asked me out via text, asked for a picture, stares and he smiles sometimes or looks away... you get it. And he's 7 years older. Last time, it was our first time running into each other outside of where we usually see each other. We hugged, he walked me to my car and we talked for a few minutes, then we hugged again but this one lasted more with our bodies against each other kind of hug and he rubbed my back. Obviously all these signs indicate his interest. But here's the problem, he text me for the very first time when our county power was out and and asked me out, not directly though and he also asked for an "innocent" picture. I didn't give him a direct answer for either. After that, he tried ignoring me but he'd stare. Weeks past and he would do the same by staring and smiling, meaning he isn't that mad about it right? But today we ran into each other again and all he said was hey waddup, did not even bother to stop or anything he just walked up. But of course I caught him staring. What's his deal? was it because of the rain he didn't stop? I mean he seemed annoyed.
and I'm sorry for any typos
just walked away*


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  • So you got a booty call when the power went out and he also wanted naked pics of you? I'm not quite sure I understood that part of your question. If that's the case then he's brushing you off and acting less interested because he didn't get what he wanted. This is your cue to find a guy that isn't looking for an easy lay.

    • Idk if it was booty call because that's when he asked me out, but maybe it was. No not naked pictures, just a picture of me done up. I agree with you but he seemed OK after not getting what he asked for because he still smiled and stared, expect for today... he just walked away basically didn't want to start a conversation

    • I don't think he's mad, just that now that he saw he couldn't get what he wanted out of you he lost interest and is just keeping up polite appearances by smiling at you and greeting you. Just wait and see what happens, I guess. But don't be the one to contact him first!

    • that's what I thought too but way before he didn't get what he asked for, he would always always always stare and smile but sometimes he'd look away, but specifically today he was acting weird and purposely ignoring me. Oh I shouldnt? his birthday is coming up and I was planning on wishing him happy birthday via text..:/

  • dont overthink..ask him what's going on.. you will never know unless you asked him directly


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