How intimidating is it to look "sophisticated"?

This kid in my class said to me: "You always seem so sophisticated!"

Me: "haha what?"

Him: "Like, you always dress so nicely. Kinda makes me feel like a bum. haha"

So, is this is his way of telling me he's too intimidated to ask me out? What do guys usually think of girls who look sophisticated?

Backstory: I've known him for over a year, we were in a play together last year, etc. I thought he liked me then, but I was dating someone at the time. He's pretty quiet, but also really funny with close friends.


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  • This means that he definitely has a little crush on you. He also notices that you dress mature and nice for your age - a quality that he probably likes considering he complimented you on it. Work it, girl!

    • I compliment people all the time that doesn't mean I have a crush

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  • A girl who dresses well is a BIG plus...puts across an image of class which I really like...and him calling you ' intimidating looking ' is his sublte way of saying he finds you very attractive but thinks you wouldn't be interested in him I guess

    Next time you see him and he compliments you tell him he doest look bad himself or something along those lines...if your interested that is

  • It seems he likes you but thinks you're a bit overdoing your 'sophisticated' side , clothes, make-up etc.

    I once let a girl go because of that.


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