When shops have sales?

Are you one of these people who'll put a an hour, an afternoon, a day aside to bargain hunt, find clothes you've seen and liked for a fraction of the price? Combing through sales racks, spending hours in fitting rooms? I'm male, yes, but I have to admit I love a good hunt for bargains, 'specially clothes.

The January sales here are madness. All the Christmas stuff goes on sale for half price or less all over the country, this year I took the day off work to go shopping (I sound gay? Pffft, who cares, I'm well dressed) and intend to do the same on this new year's day

Does everyone love a bargain? And to what extent?


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  • Helllll nooo! In fact, the bigger the sale, the less likely I am to go. I hate fighting through crowds to shop. It might cost me a little more to shop when there aren't any big sales, but it's worth the price to save my sanity lol


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