How do pretty girls develop character and morals?

It seems that when a girl is pretty and able to get any guy she wants, she let's loose and corrupts herself. I know average looking girls who are extremely vain about their looks and I know gorgeous woman 9,5/10 who never look twice at themselves in the mirror and focus entirely on their personality. How is this possible? And what shapes a beautiful woman who also has a very good heart?


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  • Environment, family life, friends, and personality all have some effect on this. Studies have actually consistently proven that people expect more of beautiful people, treat them better, and respect them more. They also tend to hold better jobs. Why are beautiful people often successful? It's because all their lives that is what they were EXPECTED to do! So their character is permanently bent that way.

    If people don't pick on you for how you look, you don't think about it as much. It's that simple. Women who are beautiful and have no insecurities about it don't have anything to prove, so they are free to focus on what REALLY counts.

    • I agree, and I believe to an extent, that the way you make yourself perceived on the outside is a reflection of what you are on the inside.

    • I guess I know why I'm insecure and have confidence issues, haha

    • That's really really true.

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  • I asked out a girl. I think she's pretty, but she's PRETTIER because she seems like such a great person. I'm sure some people would find her "average." But I'm not quite so concerned with what they think.

    I've met a lot of people in general (it tends to be the more physically attractive people, but 'average' and "ugly" people can be horrible too) who have, on the surface, seemed really great. Then when you get to know them, they show more of an ugly side.

    The problem isn't so much with the nasty ones who are obvious about it. I learn pretty quickly to stay away from them. No harm, no foul. I just hope I don't have to deal with them much.

    The problem is with the "pretend" people. Those that seem genuine, until they snap and show what I believe to be their true ugliness. Like many, I have trouble wanting to fully trust those who may be truly kind because I've been burned so often in the past that it's now become an issue.

    Now there are many reasons why a person can be nasty or awesome. True, it is in part due to upbringing and personality. But, maybe there's something else.

    I was emotionally and physically abused as a kid, by a person who anyone outside of the family would be convinced the was a Christian version of the Dalai Lama. People would defend his abuse to the end, maybe because they refused to believe it. He was a great actor for the most part, though he did slip and show the ugliness outside the house a few times. He was one of those fakes, and was good at it. And I got hurt.

    Why did he choose this path? I don't know. Frankly, I don't care. No excuse is enough, so I have to choose to either learn from it and improve my life, or become like him, and generations before.

    So, will this cycle of abuse continue? So far, there's a big no (thank god). It seems like I'm SO different from the past mindset of certain members of the family that I don't think and don't react in any way like them. And I'm glad. And I think in the future, others will too.

    Some geneticists would argue "survival of the fittest" and that attractive people breed attractive children who do better. Are we unintentionally cutting down on the rate of abused children by choosing people who are just kinder? It's an interesting idea.

    I suppose that it's difficult to figure out all the answers. I can't give you anything definitive or concrete, other than the advice of not letting it get you down.

    You can always find something to be frustrated about. You can use that to do good, or you can let it get you. And if you let it get to you, then you risk becoming like them. It can be difficult, at times to see those ugly-on-the-inside people winning, while the good people seem to lose. It still gets me down sometimes. It can happen to the best of us. But you know, we win in different ways.

    We may lose the battle, we may even lose the war. But we at least can take a good stand and let others know that a kindhearted genuine lifestyle may actually be worth living for.


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  • i think it's more an issue of perception than a statistical fact that pretty girls tend to be crazy and immoral bitches. I know many really attractive girls and women who are extremely nice and moral people. I also know a lot of physically unattractive girls and women who are extremely catty and vapid people. how someone acts depends on how a person is brought up and their inherit personality traits as well as their intelligence in one way. (i'm not saying stupid people act good/bad and smart people act good/bad, I'm saying that ones intelligence or type of intelligence affects the way they perceive the world and therefor their personality).

    peoples motivations are so complicated it's impossible to generalize why people who fall into one demographic category act a certain way because they're all approaching life from different angles. reasons like this have to be evaluated on a more subjective and individual basis.

  • my best friend is the prettiest girl I've ever met and hse's all into morals and being christian.

    guys have taken advantage of her before, but I've always been there for her, since 1 st.

    i think id give the credit mostly to her parents

    they're perfect parents, nice, cool, fun, good morals.

    and maybe a little credit to myself, not much, just on the guy side and other stuff like that. I really think it's the people you're around that matters most

  • The pretty girl may 'get' any guy she wants; but it's the average girl with a big heart and a lack of vanity that KEEPS them.

  • this is going to sound totallyy cheesy, but you should read a bible.

    even if you don't want the religion, its a good place to look for morals and character even if you don't want to base it off God. I think pretty girls make themselves pretty with their personality.

    sounds lame, but whatever. personality is truly what makes a person attractive

  • What shapes a beautiful girl is that never has to look twice at themselves in a mirror is " CONFIDENCE "...Also the focus is not on her but her personality, I personally feel a natural beauty is someone who is intelligent, caring, loving and thinks about others feelings! Beauty doesn't go straight down to the bone!.Its only what a person can see on the outside!~

  • It total depends on the persons up bringing. How they are treated I know tons of beautiful girls who have self respect and love themselves its just what they were brought up to believe.

  • The same way everyone else does- through our parents and support system and by living and learning.

  • I always try to explain this to people but I am hated for it. Glad SOMEONE brought this up.

    • Are you saying that you are pretty or that pretty girls have a more difficult type developing morals?

    • ? I'm saying that a lot of pretty girls are stuck up and they don't have dignity nor morals most of them.

    • It's illogical to base your opinion of someone soley on their outer appearance.

  • i'm pretty and I have morals

    you can look up religions and morals, you can go do humanitarian work, you can change your attitude, you can hang out with real people instead of superficial people-these are a few tips to be less of a bitch and more like a person who has morals. I know that some girls who are pretty don't have a good heart.

  • Well, I'm just going to post this as anonymous, otherwise I would seem extremely vain lol...but I'm here to help!

    I would first (as humbly as possible) like to say that my life revolves around my morals and values. They pretty much define what kind of person I am. I honestly take pride in being classy. I have never used profanities, I've never had even a sip of alcohol, I'm waiting until marriage to to anything sexual, and I always try to make responsible choices. I realize that I take conservative to a whole new level (a little over the top in some ppl's minds), but that was how I was raised. A lot of how you act depends on your upbringing. How do I stay this way? You've discovered that yourself. I prefer to be that girl who is beautiful inside and out, not one or the other! And it makes me feel good about myself to be "good". =D

    Anyway, there you have it!

    • You are not alone! I also don't cuss [much] or drink alcohol even though now it's legal for me since I turned 21 and I'm planning to save myself until marriage. And a lot of it is how I was raised [Christian parents & Christian schools] but, since my sister ended up being the opposite, it's also trying to make the wisest choices. And, not to sound vain either, but I'm considered attractive on the outside and I'm trying to also seem "attractive" on the inside by having high morals.

    • That is so good to know! And thank you for commenting....i didn't want to be the only girl on here telling people that I look good on the outside! =P