Should I greet boyfriend like this after the passing of his uncle?

My boyfriends Uncle passed away yesterday (He only met him once and the uncle lived in England). He doesn't seem too affected by it but it's still family and It's not something you get over quickly (My grandfather also passed away this year).

So guys here's my question.

I received a new corset yesterday and really wanted to surprise him with it when he came home. Now this has happened I don't know if it would be inappropriate for me to greet him when he came home in the corset?

Any advice would be great


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  • I would put it off for a little bit to see what his mood is. I lost an uncle I had met only once a few years ago and it hit me hard, I also lost a man who like a substitute Grandfather to me 5 years ago and only now have I really felt like a started Morning.

    • Yeah that's a good point. :)

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  • Have you already expressed condolences? Is he in a formal mourning period and wearing black?

    If you have and he's not, I think it's fine.

    Scratch that, I think it's super.

    • Yeah I've spoken to him twice over the phone yesterday and sent him a "cheering up" email this morning. He's definitely not wearing black, it's more just numb because he didn't know him but he feels he should be sad.

      So you'd say yes? He did say that he couldn't wait to see me tonight...

    • Based on the info given, yeah, I'd say yes. You're good to go :D

    • Thank you. I guess it's one way to cheer him up :p

  • He'll be fine


What Girls Said 1

  • I would wait a few more days, or a week. The corset isn't going anywhere :)


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