I've been doing a little research about prom dresses. I came across this website. link

My problem is, I don't know whether I'm curvy or an hourglass. I think I'm hourglass, but not sure.

I wear a 36D bra.

My jean size is a 32.

I wear a L in most things.

My dress size is a 16.

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  • That doesn't make sense to me--if a girl has an hourglass figure, she has curves. . .curvy, no? And it says another term for "hourglass" is "pear-shaped." If a girl is pear-shaped, she has fuller hips and a smaller chest. . .she's shaped like a pear, not an hourglass. They're two different things.

    I don't know lol. I think the fun part of getting a prom dress is trying on all the different dresses. Who cares what that site says will look best? Go try on a bunch of dresses! That's the best way to know what looks good on you.


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  • well where is your waist size at (not sounding rude or anything like that) ? if it is about 10 or so inches less than your chest size and hip size than you're definately and hourglass, no matter what size you are. and curvy is anyone with curves lol to put it simply. a thin girl can have curves just because of the natural shape of her waist-to-hip ratio and same goes with anyone bigger.

  • Neither.

  • What is your waist measurement. If you have a small waist then I'd say you're an hourglass, if not then you're curvy

    • Umm... I don't know. :$

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