Natural or unnatural hair? Dark or Light hair?

I realllyyy want to dye my hair. I have a salon appointment coming up within the week and need ideas/suggestions on hair colors/styles.

Check my profile for pics to suggest colors for me(: k thanks.

Also I rely like the idea of going solid platnium blond with either light pink or blue, or purple or red.

Another idea I had was to stick with darkish brown, but have some light blond in my bangs and chunks of bright red in the rest..?


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  • if you want to look sober then go for the dark ash brown

    if you want to look funky then go for dark ash blonde

    but if you want a mixture of both then go for dark ash grey with red or pink or green

    and if you are planning to be a devaint then my suggestion is that you get chocolate brown mixed with platnium blond plus a little bit of grey in it

  • I would say stick with darkish brown.


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