How can I get my girl to show off her butt more?

this gurl that I'm dealing with has got such a phat booty. BUT SHE NEVER EVER SHOWS IT OFF I can't figure it out and its driving me crazy. she doesn't even like it when I talk bout it OMG WHY IS SHE FORCING IT? da booty is absoultely amazing and so is she she couldn't possibly be more beautiful.


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  • Two things- First she may be sensitive about her body which a lot of girls are. You know the hated "does my butt look fat in this question" it is asked for a reason. Just because you like her butt doesn't mean she does. Second, she may be a more conservative person and not want to dress in what she considers inappropriate clothes. Many people are raised in a way that they see revealing clothes as inappropriate or offensive. In either case respect her feelings. It is often hard to get over body image issues and upbringing. If it is just her upbringing you may want to encourage her to wear revealing clothes just for you so you still get to enjoy her wonderful rump. Good luck and I hope this helps.


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