"Ideal body" or confidence?

This goes for guys or girls honestly...I just realized that I LOVE my body. :) I mean, I'm no model but I like it more because of that. I like that my waist isn't tiny and that my tummy isn't uber-flat. And personally, from whom I've liked I find the confidence more attractive than having the right look. But, what do you guys think? Would you rather have someone with the body you're attracted to most, or someone who is confident despite their "flaws"?


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  • Actually it would be both. I am so turned on by my wife's body and would love it if she were more confident about herself.

    But I should talk. I know I'm ugly. People have told me repeatedly for over 30 years. I've learned to believe it. In fact when someone tells me otherwise I wonder what their motive is.

    But I try to be kind and friendly. I believe that's what my wife sees in me. Does she have flaws in the physical sense? I guess some might think so but when I look at her I see absolute beauty.

    I love her.

  • I like girls that love themselves. :)


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