Does this mean I'm unattractive or something?

When a guy thinks you're attractive and then he tells you or shows you women he also thinks are attractive and they are only average or less... Does this mean I'm like them?

Also most men who talk to me or like me and ask me out aren't the greatest looking, they are kind of cute to me but to others not so much. Does that mean that I'm unattractive or average because they are and they think I'm "in their league?"

Thanks, not trying to sound mean just asking a legitimate question.


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  • this sounds like a total non-issue

    • lol yeah... I guess so.

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    • ok, after mentally running around in circles on the issue I'm confused lol...i give up, I have no f***in clue XD

    • dammit. :( well thank you for your help.

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  • No. I think it's easy for girls to get down on themselves and their looks with all the images they see of other women. I agree with sunmonster that it's probably more of a confidence issue than anything.

    • these girls aren't attractive... if they were It wouldn't bother me.

  • No, that doesn't mean your like them. It has nothing to do with your appearance- it has to do with confidence. Also the less attractive males are probably used to hearing no more, so they've got nothing to lose.

    • hmmm makes sense. I still wonder how a man could think I'm attractive and show me a girl he thinks is better looking than me and she isn't attractive at all or is just average. Makes no sense.

    • What may be ugly to you may be beautiful to a lot of men.

    • in some cases. But most would probably agree these girls weren't that great.

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  • I would conclude that Yeah he thinks I am like them or in the same level...

    It would be different If he only liked extremely Good looking girls...

    Does he Tell You they are prettier than You?

    But the fact that the guys aren't that Good looking and like You doesn't mean anything... Some ugly man are really picky...more than Hot guys...but I must say I feel much better when a very Attractive guy is into me than a regular one...

    • in real life I've never had a really good looking guy like me. And great so I'm to assume that if he thinks these other ugly/average chicks are so good looking than I'm ugly and average? And actually just yesterday a guy sent me a picture of a girl that was meh... kind of cute. And he said she was better looking than me when he's only seen one picture of 30 of me!

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    • Ah so J Lo is very pretty guess he isn't that blind...

    • yeah but still...

  • According to a lot of people I always dated out of my league. Not over my league but they always told me I dated down. If anyone ever said that about my husband I'd punch them in the mouth. I have dated a lot of guys that over half the women we passed wanted and it's not that great. None of them had personalities and that doesn't mean every guy who sees me wants to be with me. There are no such things as leagues, only to shallow and conceited people and every conceited person I met was overcompensating for something or another. It doesn't mean you're ugly it just means he has different taste from you.

    • he thinks I'm pretty and the other girls he thinks are pretty arent...

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    • I know what you're trying to say but who's standards are they unattractive? Everyone has different standards and no one person can be said to be attractive or unattractive. No it doesn't mean you are unattractive. You are attractive to your man and that should be all that matters.

    • lol he's not my man. I've never even met him in real life.

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