How important is eye contact?

ok so how important is eye contact. in terms of social and in terms of someone you like/love. I'm a really out going fun person but for some reason I rarely make eye contact with people. I'm not saying I don't look at them I just don't hold a persons gaze for very long I guess.

please give a full explanation. thank you.

  • Always look everyone in the eye. very inportant
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  • Only looking that loved one in the eye really matters. some what inportant
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  • Kind of matters
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  • Doesnt at all
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Most Helpful Girl

  • eye contact is important, but its down to self confidence. you can tell if someone lacks confidence if they rarely look you in the eye.

    When speaking to people on a normal conversational level you should look at them, your eyes may wonder a little like to see what's happening around the room (although this can show bad manners) or it does sometimes just break away naturally so you don't appear to be some lunatic with staring issues.

    With people you are attracted too, again eye contact is important, they should have all your attention no eyes wondering around the room. A smile along with the eye contact a bonus.

    I am no expert, just my opinion.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I use eye contact all the time and sometimes when other people don't look at me I feel like they're bored or they're thinking about something else even if its just a friend.

  • eye contact is really important it makes a girl feel like special you know so start workin on it!


What Guys Said 2

  • Eye contact is so important when you're trying to connect with a person on any level. It doesn't matter if it's as a friend, as a flirt, trying to get someone to trust you, etc. Especially when you're flirting, making eye contact is important because it makes you look assertive and clues the other person in to the fact that you're interested in them. If you never look at them, they probably won't be able to figure that out.

  • I think that eye contact is super important but along with it also comes confidence because trust me if you are confident in yourself and in what you are doing than you can just look at anyone with the mirrors of the soul and they will know you are genuine. In social terms its always very important to look at the person to whom you are talking to because it makes them think that you are important and that you are interested ion their conversation and in love situations I think that most girls will try to look into your eyes when you are sustaining a conversation to see if you are being truthful about your feeling and to see just how interested you really are in them.

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