Your perception of beauty and perfection?

Another question on here prompted me to re-watch the Dove Evolution video on youtube: link

I looked through the related videos, and came across these other ones. It's a 3-part story. Not entirely long, and definitely worth the watch in my opinion.

It's called "The Photoshop Effect"

Part 1: link

Part 2: link

Part 3: link

I want to know what the rest of you think. Specifically answer the questions that the host posed at the end of the last video.

Also, do you think that labels should be placed on photos that are edited?

I personally think labels are a good idea. I wanted to be a photographer when I was younger, and used to have a photoshop program on my computer. It's very, very easy to manipulate images to make them look better. It's basically going back to what the Dove Evolution video said -- no wonder our perception of beauty is distorted. Yes, I think most people have enough common sense to realize that almost all images of people these days are photoshopped, but the same cannot be said for young girls who are exposed to these images. And that's generally when eating disorders and such begin to develop, at least mentally.

I also do think women are much too harsh on each other. I often see other girls make ridiculous comments about girls they see in the street sometimes, and they don't even KNOW those people.

Whether the male perception of beauty is distorted is something only the males can answer.

It's also incredibly disheartening when I see questions on GaG from both guys and girls that struggle with low self-esteem, especially in regards to their physical appearance. So, I'm hoping a lot of those individuals see these videos and perhaps rethink their ideals and goals in terms of their appearance.

All thoughts and respectful opinions are appreciated. :)


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  • Do I compare myself with my friends or other women on the street?

    In all honesty, the way I look physically is the last thing on my mind. I rarely compare myself to women on the street, I understand the concept of genetics and understand that we all have different body types. Wishing I looked different wouldn't change who I am, might as well accept me as I am. BUT, if I ever do feel I have something (or am a certain way) that I'm not pleased with (and I'm able to change it) I don't hesitate to.

    do you think that labels should be placed on photos that are edited?

    No, I don't care if it's edited or not. I don't assume that if I use that product I'll look like them.

    • I'm glad you don't waste time comparing.

      Do you think labels would be beneficial for younger girls and parents/guardians, though?

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    • I understand what you mean. However, I don't think it's an entirely individual problem. It's hard to escape the media these days. People will still have to practice common sense, but I think more public education will help, too.

      I appreciate your input.

    • No problem.

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