I don't really know how to dress for my size, age and stuff...

I'm 18. In University and I'm having trouble finding thing I think I look good in.

I have blue eyes, but they aren't bright blue-- or stand out I don't think.

I'm slightly larger than average.

I have blond hair. It's usually light with no natural highlights in it.

I would like advise from anyone who has an idea as things that would suit me, style and color wise.
Just to add as well..

I have red cheeks and fairly pale skin elsewhere...
What colors do people think I should go for.

Besides Whitem Black and Grey.


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  • Like him link see that the color is just in the shoes which Makes him look cool, that something guys can do just to look more stylish


    But not the hat...

    Another Good idea


    Hope it helps You remenber solid and dark colors

    • Thanks I am glad You like the ideas... It isn't that hard to dress a man

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  • Fair skinned people look better is summer or spring colors. Pastels like lime, maroon, and cyan. Go for a casual prep look, with dark wash jeans, polos in the summer, and button downs in the fall with cable knit or argyle sweaters. It's a classier, more mature look.

    • Could you give an example at all? You don't have to but a point in the right direction would be much appreciated. :)

    • link

      Sorry for the bad link. These guys are models, so no one expects you to look like this, but it's the general idea. Hope it helps!

  • Any colors that are dark would be Good and use solid clothes not patterns and big logo stuffs...

    So navy, dark green, burgundy, dark brown, black, not white, white will make You bigger...

    Dont use puff jackets or things that add volume...

    Slim cut things fitted stuffs

    • Liking the color selection.

      Could you give an example?

      And would dark jeans be fine with any of these? I'm guessing not with navy.

    • Dark jeans goes with any color ...You could do like him


  • get yo swagg boi.

    make up a style and be unique and awesome.

  • white and black looks good on anyone

    • @update: go into a store and get the same type of shirt in every color. take a picture of yourself in each one and you will be able to see what looks best. ask opinions of people around you and friends. maybe an aqua/light blue color would look nice, or green.

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  • Wear dark clothes that are structured. It will make you look thinner, and give you definition.


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