What do you think of this black girl's hair texture with out chemical straightners or weave...?


I was on youtube and I froze in my tracks when I saw her hair! I have never seen a hair texture like that before! It's like a cross between the really tight afro hair and biracial hair. I thought it was really interesting. I've never seen a black girl with hair like that in person. How about you? What do you think about it? I think it's amazingly beautiful and unique! Black girls, you should wear your hair like that more often! It looks better than the shiny weaves that don't even look believable and no offense but the straightened black girl hair often just looks dry and damaged.


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  • my hair is kinda like this. I didn't even know what my real texture looked like for a while because I've been getting relaxers so long. I won't be wearing it out until it gets longer though, I hate short hair..the natural trend is getting big, a lot of people are tired of relaxing all the time or spending all that money on weaves. when I wore weaves my sh*t always looked good though, people thought it was my real hair..and relaxed hair only looks bad if the girl doesn't know what to do with it.

    • so are you doing this with your hair because you like the texture or because it's a trend?

    • im doing it for health reasons. I don't want to use those toxic chemicals anymore. I read somewhere that there overtime, relaxers leave a residue under your skull. I don't know how true it is but it scared me. I'm just gonna work with my real texture and if I don't like how it looks I'll just straighten it with hot tools

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  • I've actually seen that before- the girl was half Asian though- so I think that made her hair a little more tame.

    • well the girl in the video isn't half Asian or half anything. What do you think of her hair texture?

    • I know she's not half asian. I think her hair is attractive

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  • Plenty of black parent have that hair texture.

    That is how our hair looks when we blow it out with the blow dryer (it goes from the tight fro texture to a bit more looser straighter texture.)

    My hair looks just like hers just a little bit shorter, but it is just has thick and healthy looking.

    I choose to wear braids most of the time though. I just don't have the patience or time to do my hair.

  • It looks like she put Kinky Kurly in her hair.

    I can't speak for every black woman with tight curls, but that only works while the hair has in a conditioner or other product (like Kinky Kurly) to hold and define the curls, which usually has to be very damp. That hairstyle only lasts for a few days...maybe five if you've been taking care of it.

    The reason I don't really wear my hair like that is because:

    1. I don't like going outside with damp hair

    2. It takes too much effort, and I'm lazy.

    If you're unfamiliar with the product I mentioned, then feel free to Google it. There are a handful of products who's main job is to hold and define tight curls.

    • How exactly did I get a thumbs down ? Sheesh. >.>

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    • *whiny not why lol

    • Ok, whatever you say. (:

  • Its just hair don't make it seem like our hair is some odd sight,its one thing to be prejudiced against for facial features and skin tone and now hair

    • omg please don't be another over sensitive black person. I'm giving a freaggin compliment here, I'm not saying that you're hair is odd or prejudicing so chill.

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