Is my haircut scene, if not how do I tease it to make it look scene?

my hair is blond, short with choppy layers. & side bangs. is this a scene hair style? & how do I make it look more scene but still look good?


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  • Um. Teasing is backcombing your hair at the roots making it look "big and voluminous". This is so damaging to your hair cause it causes breakage, but to get "Scene" hair, just tease the crap out of it. Tease at the crown of your head, and use hairspray it to keep it in place, then you can smooth it out with a brush.

    I used to do this when I was like 14 lol.

    • is their a better way to do this that won't hurt my hair

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    • ok but what's your opinion teased or all straight?

    • I personally like straight or curled hair, I don't like "scene" hair as much anymore.. I think it looks tacky most of the time.

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