Do you think it looks weird when a girl grows out her hair color?

i dyed my hair an auburn red and I want to grow it back out to its natural light brown. but when it's half brown on top and half red on bottom will it look really weird?


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  • No, there's a style called Ombre'. Like this link if you go to the hair dresser and get them to blend the colors more subtly you can grow it out and it won't look strange.


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  • Yes it does look weird, but it's totally worth it. I dyed my hair blond a while back and it was the worst mistake ever! My hair got so fried and I was really upset because I didn't think I could ever have my natural red back. It looked like hell anyways so I just decided to grow it out and once it was long enough chop off all the horrible blond. It took a couple years but now I have my natural red back and it's healthy and long again. So it's worth it in the long run! :)

  • Yes but if you want to grow it out you have to deal with that at some point. Or maybe start using temporary dye instead, like washout dye, but even that might leave somewhat of a tint.

    I bleached my hair as a teenager, and it looked so awful, and once the roots grew in for a few months it was even worse, I ended up dyeing it back to natural, but I didn't keep dyeing it so even that faded, my hair was a funny shade for months, finally I cut a lot of it off. It took..well probably a good two years for all my hair to grow back normal.

    But it's worth it. Unless you want to keep dyeing your hair forever. Just cut it as short as you can, wear hats when you can, etc. Maybe my hair just grows slowly.


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