Style tips for a 16 year old sophomore..

I just saw one for guys in college..So I want some for girls in high school

Some girls have got it down; hair, make-up, clothes..etc. And I admire them. But then some.. Ughhhh I wanna stab them in the face! It's like they ONLY shop at 2nd hand stores. I mean there's nothing wrong with that every once in a while, but, all of your clothes? Please, God, NO! Get clothes from this decade that fit you! And for sh*t's sake GRAB A STRAIGHTENER AND A HAIR BRUSH! (&It's not really a poor thing as it is a lazy thing..Kohls clearance items are SO cheap! GO GET EM!)

And there's also the tramps.. To short, to low, to whorey.. lol

So..any tips for those girl's who just can't seem to get it? I'd appreciate it :)

Wanna bitch? ...Go away :P


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  • Why do you want to stab them in the face?

    Hipster and geek is in.. live with it.

    Those tramps.. have more sense of self, you don't see them asking on a website how to dress they own it.

    Get pissy with me, your still only getting mad at your keyboard.

    Do what you like, and to hell with anyone else, if you want to be a pretty clone of the holister area, then GTL, GTL, Gym Tan, Laundry. Make it happen.

    • no not geek chic..Im talking old ratty grody clothes..

      Those tramps..Are tramps that don't need to wear short shorts and skin tight ass length skirts, they do NOT know what they're doing. they just want attention and its disgusting..

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