What's So Wrong About Surgery?

For instance, on here. If a girl asks for opinions on breast implants or any other surgery, those who tell them to do what they want because it's their body are "in the wrong." But if it IS their body and they will feel good about getting surgery and fixing what hurts their self esteem, what's so wrong with surgery?

Or with nose jobs...someone on here will ask about getting a nose job and anyone who tells them to do what they want is "in the wrong."

So what exactly is so wrong about surgery?

If you've never felt so insecure about something that you contemplated surgery or went through with surgery, who are you to judge?

And in reality, there are millions of guys and girls around the world who get surgery and manage to find boyfriends and girlfriends.
On a side note I'm ecstatic about my football team being a top ranked team. Sorry for irrelevant update


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  • There is nothing wrong with surgery and if it will make you feel better about yourself then its worth every penny. They are doing it for themselves and not for someone else. Guys and girls can sense an insecurity so either way it will cause some kind of problem. For example there are people that were severely overweight and lost it really quick. They ended up with loose skin all over their body so they decided to get surgery to fix it. I know many people that did it and feel so much better about themselves. On the other hand there are people who are addicted to plastic surgery cause they have body dysmorphic disorder and those people could get a million surgeries and still not feel better about themselves because its a mental thing. For those who want one or two procedures, its not a big deal at all.


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  • The issues are this:

    - Surgery is a serious thing with very real risks and consequences. We like to think that these surgeries are routine and that nothing bad will happen, but the reality is that things go wrong all the time. Even the very rich who can afford "the best" doctors and care still often have botched surgeries, so how do you think the average person fares? Occasionally, perfectly healthy people will have a bad reaction to the anesthesia and simply die right there. Others get infections and other complications that can lead to results much worse than those that were originally intended to be "fixed."

    - Because of the risks, my opinion is that surgery should be left for correcting major deformaties or things that already carry a health risk. Having surgery for purely asthetic reasons isn't smart, or even very reasonable.

    - Most of the things people get cosmetic surgery for are NOT A PROBLEM IN THE FIRST PLACE, and the surgery often makes things worse instead of better.

    - In many cases, it reveals that the person getting the surgery has somehow focused on one minor issue that they somehow feel is holding them back, and that fixing it will fix their insecurities. Except it rarely works that way. Yes, it might work short-term, but eventually another problem is found, and the insecurities creep back in.

    And, no, what I'm writing isn't about you specifically (though it certainly applies), but about people, male and female, and cosmetic surgeries in general.

    • 1) People focus too much on the negative. I've had 2 family members get breast implants and nothing has happened.

      Who cares. Scars from elective surgery are the same as scars from necessary surgery.

      I just don't understand why people on the interweb exaggerate in regards to the outcome of surgery and the possible risks.

      I don't even want implants(I want surgery but not implants) and I'm irked by the condescending attitudes on here.

    • It could not be a problem to you, but if the person is considering surgery which isn't just changing a hair cut its because it is a problem to the person...

    • ...I don't understand what you mean...

  • In general "surgery" is actually a mental problem unsolved but attacked in an inappropriate way. It's much like asking "What's wrong with drug use?" when the users themselves are generally trying to eliminate or invigorate a response through illicit means via self-poisoning and disorientation.

    • So insecurity is a mental problem? I guess all human beings have mental issues?

    • There's varying degrees; for instance sadness is normal but depression is over-extended sadness. Anxiety is normal but then there's things like GAD. In this case we're talking about dysmorphia; thinking you look bad or being self-conscious is normal; being overcome to the point where you must alter your body through physical means is an extreme form.

  • I just find it unecessary,

    something like what you want isn't a big deal but, I don't see why girls get bigger breasts

    they'd think we were stupid if we get a penis enlargment

    • Even though what I want isn't implants, it's still ridiculous to see how many people on here have a foot up their nalga over surgery

  • Sure everyone has the right to be stupid. Therea re millions of guys and girls around the world who have STDs and still find girl friends and boy friends.

    That's not sch a great condition, though, is it?

    Sure I can judge them even though I've neer had an STD.

  • Surgery isn't going to make you feel better about yourself. Only you can.

  • They just come off as fake. Idk. Peoples flaws are what make them unique and sexy in my opinion. Unless you are deformed or injured I see no reason for surgery.

  • nothing is wrong with it.

    i'm contemplating getting my stomach stapled shut.

    but you expect common sense from people on here. don't and you'll be way less frustrated.

    @update: my team could beat yours

  • It shows a lack of confidence, and a lack of confidence is a universal turn off

    • Why yes..it does..and females like to point that out to us..don't they? It gets you an Up Arrow..(:

  • lol you like the lions? And I don't think their is anything wrong with surgery if the person is really doing it for themselves and not for other ppl

    • I meant my HS football team lol so no I don't haha

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    • around here 3a are "country boys" playing football so those are good games and 6a are big schools that recruit

    • Well here 5A are the big schools and get all of the attention cause those games tend to be the most intense and action filled.

      But 3A has the country boys also

  • It's not about people here telling them that they're in the wrong for wanting to get (or getting) a surgery, it's the fact that people come here saying, "I'm __ size, I feel so small and I'm afraid no guy will ever want me. Should I get surgery?" and people here telling them their preferences. If you come here with insecurities about your body, considering surgery, and want the opinions of others, why should you be upset when you actually GET THEM?

    The situation you're addressing is very, very rare. Hardly a single person comes here and says anything regarding a potential surgery without asking for the opinions of others in some way or another, and you simply should not be upset if you actually receive the commentary for which you ask.


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  • I'm all for surgeries as long as its not done on a whim. There are some surgeries I'm more likely to discourage, but I don't discourage them entirely. I wouldn't mind one, but that's not going to happen any time soon lol

    And don't even get me started on football teams -_-

    • Did your favorite football team lose? or did your schools team lose?

    • lol we won. I just hate how all the bros are all over campus like "YEAH CHECK ME OUT!YEHHHHHHHH"

      lol they've been boasting for like 3 days now lol

  • I kinda feel that surgery should only be used to correct something that's been damaged or perhaps deformed.

    I mean, wanting to get a nose job just because you think your nose is only slightly too small or big..? I understand perfectly well what it's like to mega self-conscious about your body, but come on. I really feel that people can live without getting some kind of surgery that will correct some feature on their body like that. There are plenty of sick people out there who would benefit more from surgery and medical attention, than a spoiled teenage girl who's upset that her boobs aren't a size C...

    It's hard to have a solid opinion on this though because there are always unique cases or whatever and we're all different and experience society differently... mehh

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    • Mmm, I don't want breast implants or a nose job. It's just an example. Most people don't attack me for the surgery I want but it's still ridiculous to see such condescending attitudes on here.

      People on the internet seem to have a few obsessions people in the real world don't care about

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    • Also what kind of surgery do you want? (Sorry for asking if you've already explained this elsewhere)

    • Areola reduction

      It's OK, I tried not to mention it cause it's not about me or mine. My surgery isn't implants or anything inserted

  • well, if it's surgery for something like breast implants or ass implants, that's just ridiculous. like, nicki minaj has fake breasts AND a fake ass. of course people still think she's hot, but come on, wouldn't it be even hotter if it were actually REAL? to me, the only need for surgery is if you NEED it. for medical reasons, or deformities. but most people get surgery for sexual appeal. I think people are sexier if they're real. not plastic. I'm sure lots of people think the same thing.

    sometimes, people who get surgery implants look SO stupid.

    like this girl: link

    she's so tiny, then she's got these HUGE boobs. it looks dumb. yes, you may have an insecurity, and wanna change it by getting surgery on it, but honestly, YOU need to make YOURSELF feel better. and the surgery can't do that. if I felt the need to get breast implants, I'd be happy to have them at first, but then I'd realize that I turned myself into plastic, in attempt to make myself feel better. then I'd feel horrible about myself all over again. having insecurities is something you need to work on. getting surgery can't automatically make you happy with yourself. but if someone had to get their leg amputated, and got a fake leg, THAT is understandable. surgery like breast implants are just uneccassary in my opinion.

    well, there's my rant. :)

  • i feel like surgery is a last resort kind of thing for serious/critical medical conditions that put your life in danger.

    cosmetic/beauty surgery, I mean yea its your life no one can stop you, you can do whatever you want with your body, but when someone tells me they had something adjusted or altered to perfection, I like lose respect for them somehow and think that they are very insecure =/ they just portray this image of being a self conscious self obsessed person who wants perfection and I feel like they will always have something wrong with their body in their mind =[

    i don't know just sharing my thoughts...

  • I don't think there's anything wrong with surgery, but I don't think it can raise your self esteem. BUT, I could be wrong and maybe it would help with your self esteem. I truly think people should be allowed to do what they want with their bodies regardless what my personal opinion is.

  • I'm contemplating getting my nose done, only because I injured it when I was little and it's kind of big. I don't like it. :P

    Also, kind of irrelevant, but I don't really trust plastic surgeons anymore. I've never had plastic surgery, but I had surgery on my finger this past April for medical reasons, and it was done by a plastic surgeon. He totally f***ed up the stitching, it got infected, and a small part of my finger is slightly numb because he damaged the nerve when he was giving me the needles just before the surgery.

    I don't think there's anything wrong with surgery, but most of the time, self-esteem issues are a mental thing, and I feel most of those can be resolved without going under the knife and suffering all that physical pain.

    • I am more supportive of cosmetic surgery for something like repairing a nose...what I don't get is something like breasts, labia or even pubic hair...why wouldn't a person take into consideration what their mate's wishes are? I mean..If I am your husband and I prefer smaller breasts..why would my wife wish to go out and make them larger? O:O And, is he likes my hair a certain way...well she looks at me all day...I just look in the mirror 4 or 5 times.. (:

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    • Well Girly..i was initially attempting to have a discussion with you...which became quickly hijacked when Eva swooped in for the kill...so I wouldn't feel too safe making assumptions...because that is not the way I was thinking

    • LOL, "girly". That's clever.

      If by "hijacked", you mean Eva was putting in a very valid opinion, then I concur.

      Forgive me for not being able to read your mind -- I don't know what you're thinking (nor do I want to know). But you DID comment on my answer. Any person in their right mind would think you were talking directly to them. I'm not sure why you keep arguing the point, or commenting on this, for that matter.

  • I don't think is nothing wrong about surgery if you got the money and you can change something you don't like GO DO IT...

    If you don't have the money like you don't have extra money than I don't think should be a priority...

    I know plenty of young girls that done boob jobs the most and they did for themselves for their confidence and that something you can see by just talking to them...If doesn't feel as real boobs or guys prefer the real thing, I don't think they care...

    As for lipo I think you can try eatingand working out...

    As for noose I did it myself, nobody can tell that I did a noose job only if you get side photos to compare... but to me was a huge deal and I hate big nooses on girls ...

    Shallow? We all are shallow and just wanna look as good as we can...


    • Sorry about the grammar, English is my second language... I just think its funny how Us is the number one on the plastic surgery and people go all bugging about it...i don't know any brazilian agaisnt it...i mean only when it becomes a habbit then its trouble...

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