Girls, do you find girls who wear really short dresses (for their height) to be "attention seeking"

I was at a bar tonight. I saw a girl who was dressed in a dress that was so short you could practically see her butt and va-jay-jay. While it was nice to look at, I found myself thinking (wow, she's looking for some unneeded attention). Her boyfriend was with her, so she was probably just trying to look good for him.

I got curious as to what other girls think about this. So, what are your opinions?


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  • A bit. A girl who shows a lot of skin generally looks like she is "attention seeking" and tends to make her look either a) out for sex, which some people may think is slutty, I don't like to use that label but yeah it definitely would cheapen her and make it look like she sleeps around with everyone b) insecure and needs validation. Generally leads back to the same result as A which is guys want to sleep with her, but here she is doing it out of a need for validation and insecurity, not to get laid.

    I'm not talking about dressing sexy. I'm talking about a girl who dresses extremely "open". There are some things that pretty much never look good...aka anything whether it is a skirt or shorts or dress, that is so short you can see her butt or vagina if she bends a bit. I personally think that things that leave more than 2/3 or so of your thighs uncovered look too trashy.

    Things like belly shirts look trashy too in my opinion.

    As well as showing too many assets at once. For example say a girl wears a low shirt that shows a lot of cleavage. If the rest of her body is covered she may pull it off. But if she is wearing it with a tight micromini and tall spiky heels, she will probably give off that "impression"


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  • They either "dress to impress" or they really like to wear like that because it makes them feel good about themselves. I believe that anyone should do what makes him/her happy anyway.

    • This. :)

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    • QA: Maybe her boyfriend liked what she was wearing.

    • YES. THIS. I. AGREE.

  • I think depends with whom she hang out.If she is with her boyfriend then I would think that she wants to look good and sexy for him.If she hang out alone or with some other friends who wearing the same style I would think they want attention from guys.I don't wear that short when I hang out with my bf.Its unappropriate.

  • I don't hang out with girls who wear dresses that short, I've worn short things in my time though, so if I saw a girl wearing that dress id assume she has her own reason for wearing things like that. If she was with her boyfriend its a bit strange though, looking nice for him is one thing, but the majority of guys I know would be embarrassed if their girlfriend dressed like that.

  • Nothings wrong with looking sexy on a night out. its normal and not a big deal. she can dress how she wants

  • too long gives a nerdy impression to other girls (and maybe guys, I don't know)

    But waay to short is just asking for attention. you can practically judge people by their dress length!


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