How should I ask my friend to introduce us?

I have a friend (who is a girl) and one of her friends commented on a picture. Her friend is super cute and we have tons in common (which is rare for me) so I really want to talk to her. Obviously it would be a lot less creepy if I could get our mutual friend to introduce me so how should I ask her if she will?

(should I ask her how well she knows her first? or any other details, or say I think she's cute and we have a lot in common, or should I just straight ask her if she will introduce me?)


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  • "I think she's cute, it appears we have a lot in common... is she as much fun as she looks?"

    depending on a yes answer ->Introduce us then!

    If you'd state you have a lot in common, it'd be weird as you don't know her really.

    Don't ask too much about her, it'll seem like you don't want to ask the girl herself which'll come across as weird =)


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  • "hey, hook me up with your friend"


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