Is it weird that I like almost everything when it comes to different styles?

I like (almost) every style that I can think of and I mean I like ALL of them. Is there something wrong with me? Am I a fake? I mean one day I wear cyberpunk influenced clothes and another day I can wear a vintage sailor dress and the next day simple office clothes and glasses. I love clothes and do not follow just one style. Some people have been pointing this out and now I'm starting to think that does this make me a fake to like everything? Should I be more committed to just few styles? I find it very difficult to categorize myself or fit myself into one group. what do you think about someone who all the time wears totally different styles (but does not always follow/do the other stuff that "should" be included in the style, for example music?

Sorry about my English :)


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  • It just Seems you are ecletic and in My opinion its good, it shows you are open minded...

    I don't think I could fit in one category as styles goes...

    There are some things that I do like and use more often, I love wrapped clothes...

    So does Princess Kate that doesn't mean we dress alike...

    I don't think you need to ride a bike to use a bike jacket and So on...

    We are not just one thing and we don't feel the same way everyday So why dress the same all the time...

    I think dressing always a certain way just to bidimensional

    • oh thank you, I feel much better now :) I agree with you. Too bad, not all people think this way :( but you cannot please everyone.

    • Well many people are boring so why mind about it...i just think its nice that you are more than just one look...

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  • Not fake at all. It makes you, you. However, I am not sure it's cost effective.


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  • it's not bad. it just means you're open. that's great

  • No your not weird it's what makes you you! Don't listen to people that say otherwise that's what makes fashion you can't just wear the same outfit everyday that's plain boring


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