Why did he get so upset when I asked him to compare?

My boyfriend was honest to me about his ex and he told me how beautiful she was and how he loved. And he once said that he loved green eyes which I came to find out that his ex had green eyes. I started to become insecure and I went ahead and asked him what are the things in my looks that he liked compared to her, he said a few things and then he was so bothered and asked me to stop asking him such things !

I felt like while he was comparing us he remembered how beautiful she was and how they are not together anymore

Why did he get upset., could he be still in love with her ever after 2 years have passed


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  • He got upset because you were making him think about the past, and it usually isn't a topic people like to discuss in great detail with their current partner. He wouldn't be with you if he was still in love with her, maybe you're making him feel like you don't trust him.

    • he could say that. He didn't. I think his response was immature and too defensive--its suspect.

    • Could be I suppose, did you let him know you trusted him? assuming you do? Otherwise it's a pretty pointless thing to do to ask him to compare two people in his life, even if it's out of curiosity. His response may have been immature and too defensive, but you've got to try and reason how you would respond if you were in his spot.

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  • he could have feelings for her and they were lost untill you guys compared each other


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  • I know how this feels. My boyfriend has often told me how his ideal girl is a huge long list of things that I am absolutely not. He has even told me that he won't be able to love me like he did her, because she hurt him so bad that he can't trust as much to fall in love properly again. Which was like a punch in the face really haha, it hurt so so bad for someone to say that. But I am still with him. I don't know if that's stupid of me, but I guess I want to prove to him that not all girls are horrible!

    I think it is important to remember that he is with you now, so he obviously sees something he loves in you. And honestly is he your idea of a perfect man? We all often date people who are different from what we think we like. He might thinks he loves green eyes, but when he looks into yours he might realize that yours are even more beautiful. So don't worry :)


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