A woman's attraction is more complex then a guys?

I asked a question earlier saying are girls or guys more picky in their partner. But I do think women's attraction is more complex than a guys. Guys I feel or more specific in what they are attracted to. What do you think?


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  • I don't know about this. I think guys can be fairly easy to please when it comes to picking a girl just for sex. But when it comes to a relationship, guys seem even more picky than girls. I have dated several guys who were attracted to me, admired me and we got along well, and they still did not want me for a girlfriend. These were guys that did not fit some sort of big list of must-haves, they all had some sort of deal breaker for me, but overall I thought we were a good match and I would have entered a relationship with them.

    My personal theory is that it is a bigger emotional risk for a guy to open up and fall in love, so you really need a whole bunch of things to exist before you will do so. And, honestly, I don't think you even know what those things are that will cause you to fall in love rather than just want to have sex and casual fun with a girl.

    • I fell for a girl and we were together and she left, broke my heart. Next time I will be more careful.

    • Most guys fall into your category. I think guys can take break-ups much worse than girls, if they were really in love with the girl. I have had ex's that it was clear we were not a good match, we argued a lot or just were not getting along, but when I was the one to finally say enough was enough, they wanted to stay together. I think once a guy attaches emotionally it is a big, big thing for you so you just don't do it easily.

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  • Guys want things. Girls expect things. Obviously, there‚Äôs some range, but this is the part that kind of sums it up.

    This is without a doubt the shortest answer I have ever written.


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  • no I think we just look for different things in each other, gender specific qualities

  • A guy wants an attractive date. A woman wants an attractive guy that is employed and has some fancy title like major, doctor, etc. Drives a fancy car, will take her to a fancy restaurant and buy her things. Yeah, women are picky.


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