GUYS - How would you like a girl to tell you that she's into you?

So there's a guy that I really like and I'm thinking of just telling him how I feel because he's shy and I can't wait around any longer waiting on him to make a move. How should I tell him that I'm into him without looking stupid or desperate? What would a girl to say to you?


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  • What you should do depends on what kind of shy guy he is. (Which usually tells why he's shy...)

    Also what type of person are you. While I can suggest to do something, it may be awkward if you don't see yourself doing something like that.

    At any rate, let's go with some basic assumptions. I'll assume that your at least semi-outgoing. (Since you're willing to make a move.)

    First, whatever you do, do it semi-privately. (The more people the more defensive he'll be. That includes if he's with his friends also, since he might get embarrassed.)

    Second, do it in person. If you do it through some other means he may assume that you are not being serious. While if he can see your face (or see your shoes while he listens to you, depending on shy he is...) he'll know that you are being serious.

    The third depends on how well he knows you. (Most shy guys are pretty observant of those around them, even if they may not be perceptive to social cues...) The less he knows you, the more defensive he'll be. If he doesn't know you at all, he may turn you down even if you were the most beautiful woman and straight out asked him out. (Actually he'd probably just faint...)

    If he doesn't know you then introduce yourself. (If a girl I don't know just introduces herself and has a conversation, without any forced reason to, then I at least know that she's willing to have a conversation without security being called...)

    If you've had some conversations before, then you could be a bit more forward. (Ranging from just asking him out, to asking why he hasn't asked you out yet...) The idea is to let him know that you would be open to a date.

    If you've hung out before but he has never made a move, then you could do a few things. One would be to ask him out to something with just the two of you. Two would be if the opportunity arises to just kiss him. Let's say at a New Year's Eve party at Midnight...

    Hope that helps.


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