Girls, is there a such thing as "ugly"?

So I was reading at question that asked girls to give a percentage of look vs personality (for example 20% looks 80%)

So my question is can ANYONE date you as long as you like their personality?

By the way leave out extremes ... like a person missing a head or something


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  • Girls... is there a such thing as "ugly"? Yes.

    that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"...doesn't mean no one is ugly it means people can either find you attractive/ugly and that most opinions aren't universal

    So my question is can ANYONE date you as long as you like their personality? No

    Most people want a balance of physical attraction, sexual appeal, and personality. For me it's 50% physical, 25% sex appeal, and 25% personality.

    Most girls focus more on personality but girls are less visual NOT blind.

    There are girls who focus solely on personality but that's because they can get attraction solely from personality.

    If all girls focused solely on personality most of the guys they were dating would be like friends and most girls wouldn't f*ck these guys. If they did the sex would be more of a hurry up & get it over with or a p*rn act.


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  • yes there is a such thing as ugly. if I am not attracted to a man at all and there is no spark there, it literally doesn't matter what his personality is like I just won't want to date him. I think when some people say "looks don't matter" they mean that he doesn't have to be the sexiest thing to you at first, but if you end up liking him later on then you'll date him. that means he has to be reasonably OK looking at least. but then again everyone's standards are different

  • I used to not care about looks but now I do. I have always been referred to as attractive but some guys who aren't attractive can be so insecure.

  • obviously not. there has to be some physical attraction.hence it isn't not 0% looks...


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