Do you think I could pull off this haircut?

Iv been thinking of getting my haircut and I really want to do that certain one that's longer in the front than in the back.. its hard to explain, kinda like Rihannas hair I guess. I would post a link but gag won't let me :/ aholes.

Anyway do you think It would look OK? I have pics in my profile

iv always thought the haircut was cute but I love my long hair and am scared.


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  • I can dig a girl who is willing to try a short-hair cut style. Hair has a funny thing of growing back, and with dark hair and fair skin, you'd look simply delicious with shorter hair.

    If you're still a big baby about it, talk to the hairstylist about your reservations, don't let them cut off more than an inch and see if you don't get just a little excited when you see the hair get closer to the haircut you want.

  • i think it would look cute on u, but its your hair after all so its your choice :P


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