Got a gala, what to wear?

Hey, I've got a Gala ball the day after tomorrow. And I have absolutely nothing to wear :( It's quite last minute. I was not even going to go because I already had something else to do and now not anymore. But what am I supposed to wear? It's for a 25- year jubileum of a club for the deaf. The only thing that I find on internet is about long evening gowns and elbow- long gloves. But I am sure that's way too overdressed. The club has set a dress code detailed for the guys but absolutely nothing for the girls except to dress pretty. What do you think? This is my first gala after all and I don't want to be overdressed or under-dressed.
I think that I'll get a pretty cocktail dress.


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  • Whenever in doubt, little black dress. Nothing over the top, but you should fit in with it.


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  • An evening gown (not black) that is not quite floor length. Keep it simple -- nothing that is overly busy. Nothing revealing.

    Don't like the color on this one, BUT link

    Maybe: link

    This is shorter and may look like a cocktail dress, not sure: link


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