She kinda lost inerest me, I have a plan to get back to square one. but will it work?

OK so there is this girl who really like. she used to kinda like me to. and now I realized how I sorta changed. I was almost too nice, I even sorta lost my sense of humor around her. and because of this it seems like she has lost a feeling for me because I am not "interesting" any more. I've become too predictable and boring. she has known I've liked her for a long time, so that is not the problem.

so here is my spontaneous plan to reignite her interest, make a fresh start, and almost make her jeleous:

we go to the park with each other every now and then. so next time we go, without any pity or sad emotion I will ask her out in an upbeat style, expecting a no. I'm 90% sure she will say no(if she says yes then great, problem solved). as she says no, I'll quickly and happily reply,"ok good now that we've got the inevitable out of the way, can we return to being good friends, because things were getting kind of awkward". doing this without any sad emotion will hopefully make her think she had me all wrong(and that she really didn't have me figured out), thereby sparking an interest in the mysterious new me. I'm sure she'll say yes to being friends, and I will then continue on and bringing up fun little games and start messing with her(things and actions that for some reason I had seemed to totally forget about when around her before).

I just think it would give us a fresh start. I've already come to my realization, I just need to make her feel comfortable around me again so we can move on and possibly make something of it.

what do you guys think?


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  • Well if there's some awkwardness you two definitely have to talk it out before you can be good friends again. However, you might not be able to be so "upbeat" if she says no, or when you ask her. At least I wouldn't be able to because my nerves would get the best of me. Just be yourself. Tell her you would like to go on a date and if she says no say "Okay well now we can move on now that that's out of the way". If you want to make her jealous you can ask for her for some advice on how to ask another girl out. You don't have to tell her who it is. In fact if you just ask "What's the best way to ask a girl out in your opinion? There's this girl I'm kind of interested in but I don't know how to go about asking her out..:" If she asks who just say "Just a girl." and don't disclose any more information. It's not a lie. And if she has any feelings left for you she'll be jealous.

  • Well, moving into friend territory is not an improvement sometimes. I'm not sure how to reignite a spark, but that one sounds risky. Who knows though, it might be better than standing still or going nowhere.


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