How to dress up for this event

Ok, I'm going to a show of one of my friends bands on Saturday at our local coffee house.

I go there to shows all the time but this one is special so I was wanting to dress up a bit.

I just bought this new dress:


but I still think it's too dressy.

Any ideas how to dress it down without compromising the style of the dress?

I was thinking of putting it with a pair of grey suede flat boots I have for a more indie look, but I don't know if that's casual enough


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  • I'd go with an open cardigan in an earth colour, or a grey.

    I find it makes an outfit more relaxed without taking too much away.

    I'm not sure about the boot - mostly because of the length the dress seems to be; I'd go with some simple flats.

    I'd keep jewelry to a minimal - maybe a bangle and some stud earrings and I'd keep the hair natural looking - maybe with a slight curl - nothing fancy.


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  • grey suede boots is not indie, and please do not wear with that dress

    grey suede and brown dress? who ur kidding? lol sorry I get little crazy with fashion

    big belt in the middle, since the waistband is quite ugly, style up

    open cardigan

    black legging and small fllat shoes

    clutch bag

    but if you want indie look, I say chorten the dress, wear with jeans and black smart shoes and balck blazer and a gentlemen hat, now that's sexy indie for me


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  • Adding the boots would definitely make it more casual. You could also add a little khaki or jean jacket over top. That would help make the look more casual. Also, be careful about the jewelry you add. Make sure it isn't too dressy.

    Hope this helps.

  • That dress is soo cute! lol and I love forever21! haha

    anyway... I'm not sure how those kind of boots would look with that dress, but than again I havn't seen the dress, sooo yeah. Also, I think that maybe if you just wore like silver or grey ballet flats it would look fine. Good luck and hope this helped! :]

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