Any tips on how I can get the kinks out of my hair!

Need to get kinks out of my hair


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  • Don't skip the shower! Do it at least in the morning, and if you can shower at night too, that would be even better! Instead of using a heavy conditioner twice a week, use a very light one daily (I use Sebastian Shine Conditioner for normal hair). Then, using a wide-tooth comb, comb through your hair while you're still in the shower. Do it again right before you dry your hair, and then after. Always work your way up from the ends to the roots, working on small (but not too small) sections individually.

    As for styling, I would blowdry using a round brush to keep it unsnarled, holding your hair away from your head. You can also try a light mousse occasionally, but beware of excessive use of hair products, as it can create a nasty buildup on your scalp and hair.

    Finish with either a flatiron, concentrating first on the ends, or by scrunching with a light spray of Aussie Sprunch.


    Sounds complicated, but it really doesn't take that long!

    Hope it works for you as well as it works for me ; )


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  • If you mean fly aways or tangles, I'd suggest a leave in conditioner or some type of hair serum.

    Personally, I alternate between Biosilk and Garnier Fructis Conditioning Glaze. Both make my hair very soft, knot free, and help with frizz. I just put a little on my hands, rub them together, and comb it through damp hair then blow dry.

  • if you mean because of straightening then just don't hold it down as long