Why do guys like in a girl?

Guys, what do you find attractive in a woman?

i'm just wondering,

and I'm sure a lot of other women are wondering too.


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  • Hair...different guys like different colors but in general they like long hair that is straight or wavy. Even curly if it is loose curls and not puffy curls. I'd say midback length or so is considered very attractive.

    A pretty face. Big bright eyes. straight white teeth, a nice smile. Lips that aren't too thin or flat. A nose that isn't ridiculously big or bumpy. But pretty face varies from person to person, different people have different tastes.

    Height. It varies. Some guys like tall and others like short.

    Body-regardless of height I find that most men like the hourglass shape, with a higher waist to hip ratio, that your hips are at least 30% larger than your waist. Plus most men like a round perky butt that sticks out, a big round butt is almost always good. And a lot of men like big boobs. At least medium size but a lot do go for the big ones. It is just overall feminine and sexy.

    Weight-not stick skinny or underweight looking, and not overweight or chubby. Someone who is thin to normal.


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  • A pretty face and an athletic body. My face isn't terrible and I'm in good shape so I expect the same. That and a good personality. Can't really ask for anything more.

    • is 5 foot 8 too tall? I have been told I am good looking and I weigh 8stone 10lb so I am happy with my weight and face I am always worked about my height though, if it is too tall to be very attractive

    • Not at all. 5'8" is a great height. There are many guys who are 5'8" and taller, don't forget :P

  • Since I had a comment or two deleted because it was deemed inappropriate, let's just say "her body."

  • I find weight to be a big factor in most men, because they would want a girlfriend that didn't weigh more than them. I am more attracted to a women hair color than any thing else.

  • 5 foot 8? I like you already. ;)

    • In general, if a girl is happy with herself and has a positive outlook, her other qualities would shine through. And some guys can't help but to feel an attraction for such a girl. I know I would. =)

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