Style help or just opinions on appearance please?

I have a smallish bust, large hips, then my hips go in, therefore my legs are smaller than my hips and a somewhat flat stomach. I have muscle on my arms and legs for I try and work out everyday. I have long red hair, very blue eyes, am an average weight. It is hard for me to find dresses for they all tend to make my hips stand or make me look fat. Any opinions or style tips will be appreciated.


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  • Pic? it's worth a thousand words.

    • there is a link to my Facebook on my profile if that helps?

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    • It's not letting me, sorry. My computer isn't the best in the world. Don't worry about answering the question.

    • then try right clicking and "view image info". there should be a line that says "location" copy and paste that.

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  • Miniskirts to show off your legs, not to tight fittig so your hips don't look so big.


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  • I'd say something fitted up top and then flarey or A line, that starts to go out by the waist or hips.


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