I don't follow any trends and just wear whatever I like. Many girls piled into one.

OK so I don't follow any trends and just wear what ever I like and that can range from converse colored skinnies and a band tee to a very girlie dress and heals. I literally have the wardrobe of 7 different girls. I was wondering if guys look at me and find that attractive


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  • Maybe I'm misinterpreting your description... and correct me if I'm wrong... It seems like you have a range of clothes to fit (no pun intended) different situations - practical-minded gal? Or are you a non-conformist/rebellious gal with eclectic tastes who wears what her mood dictates?

    Just be true to yourself. As temptationfalls has mentioned, guys can find you attractive in more than one way, not just the clothes you wear.


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  • Clothes don't make you attractive. Your personal looks, body, and personality determine if you're attractive or not.

    • see here's the thing I can look so busted to my standards and have guys all over me. I don't get itXD

    • And most guys understand fashion? OMG she's wearing blue nail polish and red toe polish! Not talking to her. Those words have never been said by a guy. This is why we like it when girls wear revealing clothing. We like to see what the girl looks like not her choice of clothing.

    • thanks for you are answer bro I really appreciate it:)

  • I just wanted to say I like the name of this question. It's different :) Too bad some moderator is going to go and change it now that I've said I liked it...just to p*ss me off :(


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  • Sure it is attractive as long as you look good in the clothes. Trust me they don't care that much about what "style" you prefer in clothes, as long as they look nice, don't look weird or bizarre, and show off your body without looking cheap or flashy.


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