Foundation makeup routine that doesn't clog your pores?

does anyone know of any good products for a foundation/coverup and a routine that doesn't clog your pores? or know of someone on youtube that has a good routine with products you'd try and recommend? links please? the reason I ask is if I want to use a foundation or a coverup on a rare occasion (since I like never do) than I would not want to breakout from it. any answers appreciated! thank you! xoxox


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  • Skin make-up is so important, because it is the only line of defense between your delicate face and the harsh chemicals that are often used in eye make-up. Do NOT be cheap when it comes to your skin. You can get cheap, sparkly shadows for fun if you want, but not for skin make-up.

    The overall best brand I've found is a bit pricier, but totally worth it. Cover-FX specializes in only skin make-up, and they have everything you could possibly imagine. I use their concealer, foundation, and tinted SPF moisturizer, and I love them all.

    Now, I don't know your skin like you do, but I'll try my best. The best thing to do to prevent break-outs is to take off your make-up EVERY NIGHT. This is so important. If you remove and cleanse, your break-out chances are drastically minimized. Also, use a really light touch. Don't cake it on, and if you don't need it, don't use it! You shouldn't need it everyday, except for some concealer for under-eye circles and problem spots.

    But for full-face application, which a girl needs every now and then, here's a regimen that I would recommend:

    1. A light, fresh coat of primer over a clean, moisturized face. I recommend CleanPrep FX.

    2. A delicate coat of water-based liquid foundation. I recommend Natural FX.

    3. For dark under-eye circles, and obvious blemishes, brush on some nice, tone-matching concealer. I recommend Concealer FX.

    4. Lastly, set everything with a nice, light, loose powder. I recommend Radiant FX.

    From here, you can add some blush and bronzer, and work your way up to eye make-up. For a normal day though, you can simply cleanse, and moisturize with a tinted moisturizer like SkinTint FX before you apply a bit of concealer. This is lighter, and will reduce break-out.

    Don't underestimate the value of primer. It can really protect your skin from prolonged make-up use. Use a fortified, but gentle make-up remover, and always be really gentle around the eyes when removing and applying.

    Here's the link to the Cover FX site: link

    Definitely check it out.

    Good luck, and I hope I helped!


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