Any good ways how to accelerate weight increase?

So, basically my weight is lower than it should be proportionally to my height!

I'm 185cm tall and weight 70kg, but for that height normal weight for a man is more than 90kg!

(Sorry Americans, but I'm not really in touch with your system)

I want to increase my weight, I eat like a monster - a lot of fatty foods and protein-rich foods plus lift weights regularly - the results are, yes - but less than I want and it's too slow!

I want to make this process faster - any good ways how to do it?


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  • How much weight/month are you gaining now? You're almost certainly better off adding mainly muscle at a moderate pace then throwing on a ton of fat.

    The normal north American adult is a disgusting pig whose partner spends their time masturbating to pictures of someone thinner.

    • It took about a year for 10kg, so for 1month it's less than 1kg!

      I'm not getting a ton of fat despite I consume it a lot!

    • That's not an unreasonable rate, tbh. 90kg would be pretty bulked up for your height, I personally think 70kg of muscle is fine, but 80kg might actually be a good target.

      Muscle takes time.

      For American readers, I believe he's 6', currently weighs 165, gained 22 lbs/year. Another 22 lbs would put him at 6' 190, I think that's fine tbh.

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  • 1. Don't eat fatty foods just because you want to gain weight. All you're doing is ruining your insides and creating future health issues.

    2. What body type are you? Some guys are thinner than other guys. Just because your weight "should be" one number based on your height doesn't mean that's attainable for your body type. This is similar to how some people will never be an extra-small no matter how hard they try, they just don't have the right body type for it.

    • Dunno, as a teenager I've been tall & skinny! Right now I do get more body mass but it's way too slow!

  • WEight bearng exercises will encourage your body to retain and incroporate nutrition into muscle. You don't have to use weighs although that would help. Stay away from supplements and really ona healthy diet with a little extra protein. Yogurt is a good source for it..

  • Some guys try Creatine and get good results. It's not known to be disastrous for your health, but it gives you a slight edge and helps you get a few extra reps in.

    Black coffee right before workouts will also help you lift harder and longer. Just keep taking in plenty of protein.

  • Bro the best ruitine is the SL5X5. 5 sets of 5. The only foods you really have to concentrate on is, beef, chicken, milk and eggs. And the workout is for 45 min. The goal is to increase strength which means you increase muscle mass.


    Good luck bro

    • Is it even possible to get a 45 minute work out which includes a warm up and stretches? That's what put me off, the time it took, like an hour and a half, and that's why I don't do it any more. Well, and for other reasons too.

    • Well I don't know about you. But I've gained 20 pounds on this workout. And I've added over 100 pounds on all my main lifts.

      So this workout has been good to me. I'm sure it would work for you and anyone else to.

  • If bust your ass in the gym 5 days a week you can put on max 10kgs a year. If you put on weight faster than that, you are adding muscle and fat, no matter how sure the person is that product X is making them bulk up faster. I guarantee you he will have a nice big gut in years time. The only way to speed it up is steroids, which I do not recommend.

    It will take 2 years of being very mentally strong to put on 20 kgs. If you are working out like an average person, than expect it to take 4-5 years.

    You are not special, you have to earn your body. If you could get a nice body as fast as you could order a big mac, everyone would have one and it would not be special.


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