Cutting my hair and dyeing it jet black?

So, I'm one of the guys with long hair. When it's not straightened it's about 1.5 feet long of curl. Straightened it's about 2 feet. Also, it's brown. I'm thinking of cutting most of it off and dyeing it jet black. I've had the same hair for about 5 years and I'm bored. Any ideas for something interesting? For a referee, it'll probably end up like Jared Leto in Requiem For A Dream. Just something simple.


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  • I'm all for cutting it (every guy I've ever seen with long hair was WAY more attractive, in my opinion, after they cut it short), but I'd advise you against dyeing it jet black. Plain black doesn't look natural on most people unless you already have plain black hair, and if you decide you don't like it, the dye is really, really hard to get out. If you want the look of black without it being so unnatural, try dyeing your hair with a dark BROWN dye. Some of them do get almost black, especially the really dark ones, but it's a lot softer of a color, so it won't clash with your skin tone as much.

    (I'm talking based on experience with myself - I have naturally light brown hair and fair skin. If your hair is already pretty dark or you have medium or darker skin, then black is probably not as bad a choice)

    • Thanks for the suggestions! Well, the thing is, I'm a pale guy with dark hair, already. And I used to have black hair and I miss it, haha. It's turned brown over the years. I don't really like it.

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  • cutting it is going to be a huge change...start with that, then if after a month or two you still want to switch it up more go ahead and dye it

  • Cut it but don't dye it jet black, especially if you're fair skinned.


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