What is hipster fashion?

What defines a hipster? What are your opinions on it?

I go to LATFH all the time, so I feel slightly insulted being compared to a hipster and they have kind of a bad rep. people keep calling me a hipster.

link Today I looked like the guy @ 1:15 in this video (I didn't feel like takin' a screenshot or a pic of myself x.x) I wore that and my friend said I look hipster-y today. Last year people kept telling me I was a scene hipster hybrid. I don;t go for a specific look I just don't get how I'm a hipster... o.o


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  • In my mind, hipster fashion is skinny jeans, black rim glasses, unnecessary scarfs, and a shirt promoting some band nobody cares about.

    If you're wearing anything ironically, paying high prices for clothes that look old and beat, find yourself regularly saying the phrase "you've probably never heard of them" , and you shun things just because lots of other people like them, you're a hipster.

    • Oh, and it also often means pretending to hate big corporate labels while wearing a $90 brand name hoodie and being an Apple fanboy. They put the hip in hypocrisy.

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    • BEST ANSWER haha

    • The stereotypical hipster. That's why I felt slightly insulted being called a hipster lol. In some ways I am a hipster lol, difference is I wear black rim glasses because I can't see for sh*t and I'm cheap with money and I don't leech etc. XD

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  • A hipster is someone that DOES NOT like labels, or anything mainstream, my personality is very hipster and I love music that is not really listened to by many people. I wouldn't consider myself a hipster because I don't dress like one, but my friends always call me "HIPSTER!" so I don't really know if I am one or not, I'm just me :)

    • I'd say you are one if you dislike stuff just because of names and popularity.

    • I'm not one then :) I love pretty handbags, pretty shoes, and pretty clothes just like any other girlie girl!

  • 'hipster' is being totally blown out of proportion and is frequently misused.

    'hipster' becoming mainstream totally defeats the objective of being a 'hipster'

    so really, no one can be a 'hipster'. LOL.

    yeah you didn't look like a hipster, don't worry.

    people call me a hipster because of the music I listen to and the way I dress. it's a load of bullsh*t lol I'm not a hipster O:


    but yeah, labels are stupid anyway- I don't really like to use them.


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