Does anyone else have high arches? How do you deal?

Do you use those inserts? Special shoes? Or what. I have high arches and sometimes foot pains. if I wear flip flops or ballet flats especially. I do not want drugs just ways of dealing with it daily.


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  • yes I do, I need to get orthopedics FAST! I always wear sneakers with the shocks in them, and I rarely wear flip flops. Only if I am not walking much that days. Even when I wear Uggs I can be in pain. I go to physical therapy weekly to massage my arches and whatever else they do. I constantly stretch my feet. Also, I use Ice Packs & Heating Pads to ease the muscle and pain. I don't were flats at all.

    Bullet List:

    -Orthopedics (in the process of getting)

    -Sneakers with Shocks

    -Physical Therapy

    -Stretch feet

    -Ice Packs & Heating Pads

    -No flat shoes


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  • You'll benefit from shoe insertws, but the long term solution is sterenthening the muscles in your lower legs and feet. Drugs won't help, good for you to stay away from them. You might want to consider abandoning ballet flats until you are stgronger.

  • yea I do its never caused me pain though.


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  • Awww honey I got your paint literally. I do have and it's so bad. Sometimes I just hate my feet. Because I can't ware everything I like. But choose well what fits you best. This is my way.


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