How to grow my hair quickly?

OK so I'm going to be in a beauty pageant on November 10th. My hair goes to my boobs. I am bobby pinning my hair to the side because I'm wearing a one strap dress so my hair will be on the opposite side of the strap. I'm doing loose curls too. (btw I will be going to get this done professionally!) Anyways, when I curl it, it will be shorter and I want long looking hair! What are some tips on how to grow my hair ASAP?


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  • must see your photos


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  • hair extensions, has really nice and real hair.

    or you can buy "mane 'n tail" shampoo, it's originally used for horses but a lot of people use it and it smells really good and makes your hair really soft and helps it grow fast.

    • i already thought about extensions, I'm not spending over $100 for hair for one night. and I heard that horse stuff makes your hair fall out too.

  • You can try biotin


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