The difference between 'pretty' 'hot' 'cute' and 'sexy' ?

What makes someone "pretty" or "cute" rather than "hot" or "sexy" ? What type of girl/guy would you want in a relationship, ie would you want a hot girlfriend instead of a cute one?


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  • I want a pretty girl, but above all I want a nice caring, honest girl. The biggest turn off is a material girl, or a drama queen.


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  • For me

    Pretty=natural beauty

    Cute=young looking/inoccent looking and adorable personality (shy girls are usually this)

    Hot=very good looking/ very attractive

    Sexy= very sexually attractive/ nothing to do with personality

  • I know you are probably new but if you use the search bar you will find that many have asked it before. I won't be surprised if they delete this question, it has happened to me.


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